The event is being organized to promote the beauty of body art and tattoos. It also has a social implication/relevance since tattoos are an ancient art form and don’t receive enough importance as compared to other forms of art. This event is also important for the tattoo industry since it spreads awareness about tattoo hygiene … Continue reading Skivas

I smell books!

Purchasing a book off the avenues has its very own appeal; we're certain book-darlings will concur. Furthermore, they're cheap. There are numerous who trust that books are man’s best friend and who might not have any desire to invest some alone time with their closest companions? The capital is home to a few paths that … Continue reading I smell books!

6 safe Places to visit for a solo trip

Puducherry Reminiscent of its French colonial past, Puducherry is a peaceful holiday destination known popularly as a Yoga and Meditation retreat. It offers a tranquil experience on its many beaches, and has beautiful churches and temples (like the Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Notre Dame des Anges, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral) that have a … Continue reading 6 safe Places to visit for a solo trip

Hurry! Carl’s Jr has great deals waiting for everyone

Carl’s Jr is known for its wide variety of delectable burgers that are every burger lover’s dream! It’s yummy patties and rich fillings are the definition of happiness. But as lip-smacking as their burgers are, not enough attention is given to their beverage menu, which is offers a wide range of beverages at ridiculously cheap … Continue reading Hurry! Carl’s Jr has great deals waiting for everyone