Top 7 signature street foods of Delhi (in your budget!)

This one is mostly for the broke college students nearing the end of the month who would give anything (but money) to hog onto even the idea of good food. But because you’re in the city of deliverance, everyone gets rewarded for being a food lover. Here’s a list of 10 signature street foods around Delhi that your tongue (and your pocket) will love.

1. Jalebi at Chandni Chowk
2. Rolls at Khan Chacha, Khan Market
3. Momos, Amar Colony
4. Chole Bhature at Paharganj
5. Moolchand de Paranthe
6. Odeon paan at CP
7. Kebabs at Nizamuddin

1. Hot jalebis from Chandni Chowk is the prerequisite to call yourself a foodie from Delhi. As witnessed in several Bollywood movies, they are not just a cherished delicacy but also the essence of Delhi. When the aroma of these twisted tales of deliciousness hits you, you know you’re about to experience Delhi’s version of Seven Minutes in Heaven.


2. In the midst of the hustle bustle and superficiality of one of the most expensive marketplaces of the world, lies our Khan Chacha where no matter what sort of roll you want or how picky you get, Khan Chacha’s menu has got you covered. from paneer to chicken to lamb to just veggies, Khan Chacha will deliver to all of your taste buds. You couldn’t resist them if you tried!


3. The complete Delhi experience cannot conclude till you’ve tried the famous Tandoori Momos at Amar Colony. You’ll find this place usually packed with college students due to its affordability and satisfaction worth so much more. Through all the momos memes trending these days and suspicions against them from the babyboomers, our Amar Colony momos stand to be most trusted and best in the entirety of Delhi! (trust me)


4. Sita raam diwan Chand is one of the iconic places in the heart of paharganj for their Amazing chole bhature. It’s a self service restaurant and one has to stand and eat. The only dish they serve is chole bhature and for the right reasons, they Excel in terms of the flavor of chole and the crispy fluffy bhature. This place is one of the cheapest and best places to visit for a heavy And delicious breakfast if you’re a foodie on a low budget.


5. If you’re looking for the delicacy of a mother’s hand represented and exaggeration of the flavours of the North on a platter, you must try the Moolchand Paranthas. Many students come all the way from north campus just to indulge in the roller coaster of butter, hari Mirch and pickles served with the best paranthas available in Delhi. And the best part? On a low budget too !


6. The odeon paan palace is one of the most crowded places in central Delhi when it comes to having a sweet edge after the meals or even to try out the new variety of paans introduced for the millennials and the others who look for thrill in trying exciting new experiments with food. These paans include ‘fire paan’, ‘ice paan’ and ‘nutty paan’ as their main attractions. The excitement to have a paan which is on fire is exceptional, the vendor lights the ordinary paan on fire and puts it inside your mouth. You must visit this place if you want to conclude your meal with a subtle sweet aftertaste with a side of thrill.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.42.24 PM

7. Packed with people and the essence of spirituality, the streets of Nizamuddin Dargah are the go to place if you’re looking for Kebabs to die for. You get them in all kinds of meat and there are several shops that serve the most famous delicacy of the Mughal cuisine. You must visit this place around Eid to also experience the amazing aura that makes you feel right at home, because there’s nothing that makes Delhi feel more like itself than the Dargah and it’s kebabs!


-Aparna Kaushik



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