Loose Screw Tattoo is one of Richmond, Virginia’s best custom tattoo studios. Located in Carytown, it was conceived in May 2011 by internationally recognized tattoo artist Jesse Smith. His goal has always been to provide each and every client with a clean, friendly and comfortable environment, while simultaneously providing the highest quality tattoos. The award winning custom tattoo artists at Loose Screw tattoo have been featured in over 100 national and international magazines and share a cumulative working experience of over 70 years. 

Jesse is going to be conducting a workshop in November in India (screams inside)!


Jesse’s workshop will focus on creating characters for tattoo application.  He will touch on things like:


  • Ideation: coming up with interesting ideas/concepts.  
  • Thumbnails: creating a composition that compliments the body 
  • Reference:  Using reference to make your characters more believable 
  • Value Study: Using values to help create form and contrast  
  • Light:  How to pick an interesting light source which will help communicate your characters form 
  • Colour:  Choosing an interesting palette and using color to create contrast and form. 
  • Digital Techniques:  I will be using procreate on an iPad Pro and will share techniques that can be used via various digital devices/programs.


This is a hands on Workshop so please bring something to:

  • Draw with (ie. Pencils)
  • Draw on (ie. Paper, Canvas, etc.)
  • Line with (ie. Microns, Thin Sharpie, etc.)
  • Colour with (ie. Colour Pencils, Markers, Crayons, etc.)

To book an appointment with Jesse send in an E-mail at itattyou@gmail.com

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